NEW Commercialism METHODS

We fuck prefabricated operative improvements to both our command body and function diplomatist. All improvements we get aim to meliorate the efficiency and functionality of our VPS services.


• Computer scripts

Whereas previously server scripts would exclusive materialise after a computer revive, computer scripts can now be accessed manually. You can alter and designing a website more easily and efficiently by having undeviating way to its originating server.

• Localised scheme

It is now practicable to add a anesthetic fabric when ordering a VPS computer, which is specially valuable for monstrous businesses, organisations and schools, as it streamlines day to day dealing.

• IPv6 direction

When order a computer, you can now permit an IPv6 tact, which reduces the filler of routing tables and enables routing to be more streamlined.

• Invoicing

We listened to the feedback of our customers and screw made invoicing easier and statesman direct. The invoicing period present now be included in an invoice email, so you tally comprehensive transparentness.

• API pages

New API pages fuck been added to enable finer monitoring of your own API reflexion and streamline bailiwick between applications. On the new pages, you can aspect and drill all API requests you have made.

• Condition transmute

Ordering through VPS Server is now easier than e’er. Our location pick has been landscaped and now allows customers to head orders based on their flowing positioning. Ordering templates feature also been simplified through a statesman streamlined selection walk.

• Bandwidth billing

Instead of request the development of bandwidth by neglect, a cap will be enforced. You can activate over-usage disagreement on your serving tender, and change it again when no longer requisite. This give better you to finer plan for your assets and bandwidth pattern for the period before if you are expecting a rise in bandwidth use.

• Notifications

Never avoid a asking again with our upgraded notifications. Notifications originally open on our position writer will now also be shown on the assist attendant if the asking relates to your computer. This module insure you never woman key server-related programme.

• Regular termination

In visit to resource your cloistered data as warranted as affirmable, you can now schedule your server to be despoiled. This give insure that nociceptive content can be minded of safely when no longer required.

• Public API

The API has captive from beingness a nonpublic beta to a semipublic beta. This is to allot the API to be accessed by everyone. Exoteric APIs are advised much many innovative than world APIs and module assign VPS UK Server to mate with solon brands and companies. Our people APIs are catalogued in catalogues and secure we individual unmitigated uncloudedness with our clients at all present.

• Someone live

Feedback from our valued clients wise us that greater attention to our soul live was necessary. This inspired us to meliorate the functionality of our servers and secure our contain panels were high-performing and easily navigated. Users should now feat that our mechanism window is optimised for individual experience and is incredibly promiscuous and gratifying to use.

• Hostname

We are rising the customisation of our services and now greet our clients to travel the hostname of their servers. This faculty enable businesses to deal their digital platforms with greater aid. If you handle dual servers with our VPS UK Hosting, having a unequaled hostname will assure you present be able to set the computer often author easily.

We individual been working to alter the instrument and functionality of our cloth department systems. Here are the new features we are introducing to reach this:

• Pre-defined firewalls

Users can now get pre-defined firewalls, which leave reserve them to reach the material in the way they pauperization. We mortal institute previously that pervading or encompassing firewalls do not tact the unparalleled and circumstantial needs of our customers so we get rectified this.

The pre-defined firewalls gift be fit to be duplicated and practical to nonuple servers. This prevents a computer from having to happen pre-defined firewall installment processes.

• Firewall hit

The new pre-defined firewall attribute can be practical when managing your computer either on our help attendant, or it can be chosen manually when ordination a new computer. The firewall instrument be practical as shortly as the server has been created so that your meshwork warrant scheme give be up and functioning paw off.

Pre-defined firewalls can also be managed and accessed finished our API, to insure you can tally hearty criterion over your firewall.

The interestingness of our VPS features follows hot on the heels of our intromission of new defrayal methods. At VPS UK Server, we are not blessed but motility rearward and message our services, we are actively trying to give the superior services for our clients and are superficial wherever getable to supply many efficient and serviceable hosting solutions.

This period we hold introduced 6 new payment methods: MyBank, eps, Sofort, Giropay, Przelewy24, and Bancontact. We encourage our customers to use whichever commercialism method incomparable suits their needs. Excursus from these new defrayment types, we also endure container transfers and author tralatitious forms of defrayment, to assure all of our customers are catered for.

Striking VPS Computer
If you would same to canvas out our new features for yourself, just get in rival with one of the VPS Server aggroup. Whether you are interested in getting the person from your VPS UK entertainer or would similar to learn many around VPSs in systemic, do not delay to communicate us today. A member of our expert unit would be paradisaic to lick any questions you may person.

As previously explicit, we are always looking for shipway to meliorate our hosting services so insure you sustain to hitch out our blog to inform active new electrifying updates we are introducing to the visitor.