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WHAT IS rang rasiya FASHION?

What is fashion?

We at Upperbag will tell you! When we hear the term “fashion”, we soon associate it with beauty standards, trends or big fashion shows, like Fashion Week. Yes, that is also part of fashion, but it is not the real meaning. Therefore, in this article we will take a journey through the history of fashion to the current world. Check it out below!

If you want to learn the history and concept of the word fashion, then follow the topics below! Are they:

In fact, fashion goes far beyond just clothes! It includes lifestyle, verbal language and culture. It is one of the greatest forms of expression and identity, since most of the time it is visual.

It reflects the rang rasiya generations and the moments we went through, in addition to being able to carry out an analysis on fashion from any time in history.

Fashion has been present since the beginning of humanity, when the human being saw the need to hide nudity and protection against the cold.rang rasiya lawn

The use of clothes by human beings has existed for 600 thousand years Therefore, at that time, fashion was a natural and unconscious way of expressing its many symbols and meanings.

In different places and times, there were sumptuous laws, laws regulating consumption habits and rules of dress. The laws served to divide the status of social hierarchies and to make the socioeconomic function of individuals and groups always clearer. To better understand see the video, below:

Taking a broader leap, we will talk about the decades that this concept has influenced people the most:

The 60’s were marked by countless historical events, and fashion follows this historic turn. In the early 1950s, women still valued the silhouette with a marked waist and bust, as well as longer skirts and dresses.

However, this more conservative style began to change at the end of the decade, giving more strength to the clothes of the 60s, such as straighter skirts of shorter lengths.

From that decade, women began to care less about the silhouette and bet on shorter and shorter skirts. After that, the late 60s and early 70s were marked by the hippie style, pieces with colorful, flowery prints and fringes.

Following the 1980s, there was a major milestone in the use of shorter clothes with shine, in addition to women starting to dress more boldly.

woman with body from the 80s to illustrate text about what is fashion

Undoubtedly, the pieces that were most used in the 80’s were the body and the swimsuit , in addition to many accessories that we love to use today!

In fact, not only the accessories that have been with us since the 80s. After all, the most incredible factor of these decades is that they are still present today in our daily lives in fashion.

The trousers, midi skirts and even the eyeliner makeup that we always wear.

Now that we understand the concept of fashion and what it represents from years ago to today, then we can talk about this new and extremely important concept for today’s world.

At first, sustainable fashion consists of precautions during the production of clothing and accessories so that the process does not cause serious damage to the rang rasiya lawn environment. Therefore, they use recyclable, natural and organic materials.

green t-shirt to illustrate what sustainable fashion

In addition to its great social and, above all, environmental importance, sustainable fashion helps companies to stand out positively by taking consumer trends that respect the environment.

The main idea of ​​sustainable fashion is to respect natural resources, animals and society, also valuing the people involved in production to encourage conscious consumption.

Therefore, based on these principles, the movement induces people to work with raw materials that are produced in a sustainable way.


Undoubtedly, if there is something that keeps changing constantly, it is fashion clothes or feminine trends in general, such as colors,hair, accessories …

Fashion is always alternating, coming and going, some things come and stay, others continue only in history. As we mentioned earlier, today there are pieces that are at their peak, even though they are widely used in the 1960s.

woman with clothes to illustrate text about what is fashion
Photo: Pinterest

The trend of the current decade of 2021 is freedom, where women and men can dress the way they want to express themselves, after many years gone by to finally conquer this space.

Short, long, ruffled clothes, prints, tight or baggy pants, it all depends on your personal style. Whether for women’s or men’s fashion, the rule is to feel good.

Delivery is a service that has grown a lot in our daily lives , especially now in this moment of social isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic .

Fashion reinvents itself every day! So, thinking about the technology that advances daily, Upperbag brings fashion to you in your home.