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Tips for Saving Winter Clothes!

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With the arrival of spring, heavy clothes leave the scene, giving space to light and fresh pieces!

And it is at this time that the doubt arises, what to do with winter clothes, layettes?

We will give you tips for storing and conserving your winter clothes and making them look new!

Wash and Dry!

As clean as they seem, there is always a little dust, sweat, so it is important to wash them and leave them very dry for storage.

Always follow the instructions for washing the label, thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Never store your winter clothes and damp clothes, as this can cause mold and the accumulation of mites and bacteria.

The problem when saving the trousseau is that it always generates a very large volume.

Before storing it, clean the furniture with a damp pret wear cloth and alcohol and let it air for a few hours.

Remember to wash products at least once a month to keep them smelling always.

Nowadays we have several options on the market to organize certain products, such as: duvet strap, organizer boxes, vacuum-style plastics. This type of vacuum plastic is the most suitable because the difference is that we remove all the air from inside it, which greatly reduces the volume occupied, prevents moisture, the spread of fungi and the transmission of smells.

Leave the cabinet doors open for a few hours once a month, on dry days to air the pieces.

Winter clothes!

Some items such as leather or leather jackets must never be folded, as this will damage them.

You can use hangers to hang them and wrap them in a bag of TNT (fabric with micropores that ventilate clothes).

The plastic bag is not recommended, as it can generate moisture and change the brightness and texture of the material, in addition to causing mold.

Whenever possible, wash the parts to keep them clean.

Scarves and scarves are best hung on heads. In addition to making it easier to locate, it will not mess up the other pieces when picking up one.

scarf hanger

Keeping the Shoes!

With the arrival of spring, we stop wearing boots and shoes that are more closed, however, we must always be careful to always be new.

Shoes should not be stored as soon as they are removed from the feet. The ideal is to wait for four to six hours before storing, so that you lose moisture from the sweat.

They must be kept in a cool and ventilated place.

Another good tip is to fill your shoes and boots with bonanza satrangi  newspapers or even a plastic bottle so that they do not deform, and then put them in boxes to accommodate them better.

Avoid plastic bags on leather shoes, as moisture can cause mold.

Keep everything clean. Remember that over time the stains become more difficult to get out and that they can pass from one piece to another.

With these cool tips you can keep your winter clothes beautiful and well-maintained for longer!