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Bomber jacket: redesigned, the piece is great for the mild cold

Do you know what a bomber jacket is?

Even if you didn’t link the name to the piece like that at first, you have certainly seen the model around. The piece has ashion trends. Obviously, style is important, but we are also interested (and very much) in the protection against the cold that this piece can have. In the case of windbreakers, for example, the use is excellent for places with strong wind and humidity. said, shall we get to know the piece better?That

Also known as an aviator jacket or as “bomber jackets” abroad, these jackets are those types of garments that stand out in the look, making it more modern. The history of this model of jacket goes back to the period of the First World War, being widely used by pilots who carried out the combat through several areas. That is, “flying jackets” (another name used) appears as a uniform of the US Air Force.

It is not uncommon to see pilots in films and series wearing this type of jacket. Who doesn’t remember the pilot Maverick, played by actor Tom Cruise, in Top Gun? It turns out that the model is very useful also on solid ground and that is why she is so dear! It exists in different versions and materials, from leather to nylon, with or nishat linen online without fur collar, with pockets and front opening, for example.

Bomber jacket – Top Gun movie

Tom Cruise’s character with the classic bomber jacket in the film “Top Gun”

A positive point of the bomber jackets is the fact that the cuffs, collar and waist region are well closed (in general, with elastic), preventing the entry of wind. This is one of the great assets of this model for the winter and one of its great advantages. It is known that it is necessary to prevent the cold wind from  nishat linen online contacting the body at all costs. That’s why wearing the third layer of clothing is so important! At the same time that we retain body heat with thermal clothing (first layer), we avoid contact with the cold by wearing the jacket. In addition, practicality is another great attraction to have one of these in your wardrobe. Or, even better, take it in your suitcase and stroll around in style!mariab

With the Bomber Fall jacket you can assemble more elegant looks and others more stripped down, as you can see in the look above. With a hat and leggings you have a casual look. Already with a round skirt, as is the case of the Winter Skirt, and a knit blouse, we have a charming union of this model with the Ladylike style – which we have already explained in this post .

This jacket is ideal for temperatures up to 7 ° C, and the use of thermal clothing is recommended for temperatures below 10 ° C (for those most sensitive to cold) or 8 ° C (here it is already necessary).

Loose model and ribbed finish at the ends, the Bomber jacket combines comfort and style.

It is perfect for everyday use, on flights or to create funky looks. It is padded, has side pockets with pressure closure and left sleeve pocket with zipper closure. It has a cuff, hem and collar with ribbed finish mariab, which protects against the wind. The composition is made of polyester, both on the outside and inside.

How to match this jacket?

To help you put together the ideal look according to your style, here are two proposals for using the Fall bomber jacket: the first most romantic and the second most stripped. Check out:

Navy Blue Bomber Fall Jacket with:

Thermal clothing (for moderate cold, below 12 ° C)
Blouse or knitting cap (depending on the temperature on site)
Knitting leggings OR skirt + plush tights
Colorful scarf ( Winter or Losangos are two good options!)
Red beret
Gloves (if necessary)
Short barrel leather boot
Military green Bomber Fall jacket with:

Thermal clothing (for moderate cold, below 12 ° C)

Blouse or knitting cap (depending on the temperature on the spot), in orange
Knitting legging pants
Gloves (if necessary)

The Fly Jacket (also available in plus size ) has a zipper closure and an elastic band on the cuffs that ensures protection from the cold and wind. This model is ideal for mild cold, as it has no lining. Our style tip is to match our Half Zipper Jacket with Inverness Castor Pocket and our short boots.

The use of this part is recommended in the cold of 8 ° C to 20 ° C. We recommend using with Thermal Clothing below 10 ° C. Below 8 ° C is required.

Find out more about our bomber jackets

Although we have explained that bomber jackets are made with different types of materials, the Winter Workshop models are made with polyester. This is an excellent yarn for winter, as it heats up a lot. It has a plasticized appearance, which already hints at one of its positive points: the 100% polyester fabric has low liquid absorption (which is great for rainy locations), greater resistance to wind and is a very light material. This fabric is also used in other pieces, such as doudoune coats, in addition to being present in the mixture with other threads in other pieces of our catalog.

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Thinking of travelers who want to have more information on how to dress in winter always at hand, our team gathered all the expertise of a legitimate Mammoth in the e-book ” How to dress in the cold ” . In this material that you can purchase free of charge, we teach you how to wear layered cool clothes, observe the right composition of the  nishat linen online pieces and how to put together warm and stylish looks!