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We separated 5 sets for you to go to church!

Every woman has a hard time choosing the perfect outfit, whether for work, leisure and going to worship is no different. There is always that doubt of what to combine or how to combine accessories, shoes, these are “N” things that we need to define when choosing the perfect piece.

Our luck is that the sets have dominated the world of fashion, social or casual, these models have already been successful in the female wardrobe. And without a doubt the sets go well with everything.

The sets are perfect for women who have difficulty when composing looks, as these models practically come ready to go out, not to mention that it is a hand on the wheel, you can use it as a set, as well as with other pieces, making with let it be a wildcard in your closet.

And for you who were still in doubt, we separated 5 beautiful sets for you to go to church and rock the production!

1. Social set of the Fasciniu’s brand: classic and elegant:
This model is special for events that require a slightly more elaborate and social piece, such as, for example: weddings, congresses and holy supper. This model is perfect for women who want to mark the silhouette a little more, but do not give up elegance and classic style nishat linen.

ruffled set template for you to go to church blog via evangelica

2. Pants and blazer: a pair that you can bet without fear:
The outfit that combines pants and blazer is always welcome, when in doubt, for its versatility and the possibility of combining it with other wardrobe pieces. It can be used for formal occasions like the informal one. For formal productions, use with a shirt or blouse made of light fabric like silk or crepe.

If you want a more stripped look, a t-shirt changes a whole composition, leaving your look cool and very modern.

model with set of pants and blazer to go to church blog evangelica

3.Plus Size set (large sizes), for special occasions:
This set from the brand Fasciniu’s, is also a special piece and all worked, for women who want to combine comfort with a more chic production. This model can be used for special church events.

For women who do not give up delicacy and femininity.

model with large size set to go to church blog via evangelica

4. Via Tolentino set: from basic to chic:
This set model is a wildcard, as it has a printed skirt and a blazer that is plain and basic. Here in this look you have the possibility to recreate various combinations, so the set is a wildcard. You do not need  khaadi sale to be limited in using the set itself, as you can do your own combination.

With this set you have the possibility to wear more formal or more casual looks, it will depend on your creativity and your style.

model with set of via tolentino to go to church blog via evangelica

5. Fasciniu’s casual and modern set:
This set modeling is very interesting to use in the most casual and basic style. This set is perfect for women with a more feminine style from natural to basic, who like comfort and quality in the product.

Composed of a dress and a jaquet bomber (of the things that all women have to have), super trendy and current, she makes compositions with various looks and production styles. As for the dress, you can wear it with heels, sneakers or low shoes.

assembly model of the fascinius gode brand to go to church blog via evangelica

6. Inspirations of looks with sets:
We separated some inspirations when composing looks with sets and creating beautiful productions to go to the house of God.