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Do you know what the marketplace is and what is this model for?

It is no secret that the internet has been gaining more and more space in people’s lives, which is why online stores are gaining public preference, not only for convenience, but also for ease of payment and many other attractions.

Not content with this model, which is already a success, many entrepreneurs in the e-commerce area decided to invest in new attractions and features for the site. Thus, drawing more attention from consumers. It was from this that the MARKETPLACE model emerged .khaadi sale

The MARKETPLACE is a business model developed in order to promote the sale of products over the internet.

In this way, the platform is mediated by a certain company and several other tenants come together to sell their products, becoming partners in an easy and profitable way for both sides.

Is it difficult to understand? I’ll explain it in a much easier way. Think of a mall, you buy a product in a store, then another and so on, as it is, that’s how the MARKETPLACE model works.

In one place you can buy what you want, so you don’t have to buy on other sites.

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1. Why invest in the Marketplace?
The shopping experience becomes much more advantageous, as the customer finds everything in a single virtual store, making it easy to choose and pay in one place.

2. And do you know why Via Evangélica chose this model?

We think about making our customers even more loyal, always thinking about market innovations and looking for the best for customers. Therefore, Via khaadi pret sale is the first evangelical fashion virtual store to invest in this new concept.

We have the autonomy to be the best, as we are a niche market. Our website is 100% shielded against fraud, and we are equipped with the best team to operate in the brand’s marketing.

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