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Super Thermal: the essential thermal clothing to protect yourself from the cold

The thermal clothing , also known as second thermal skin is the first layer at the time of dressing.

It is in contact with the body to ensure thermal insulation, providing the retention of body heat. Therefore, its use in the cold is fundamental . And when the temperature is below 8ºC, you need a thermal suit suitable for low temperatures. This outfit is Super Thermal !

As specialists in cold clothing in Brazil, we could not leave out of our product line two such important pieces. With that in mind, the Winter Workshop Super Thermals were created ! A set of pants and blouse to wear under any outfit and keep warm in winter. Exclusive model of the Winter Workshop , it is specially developed for those who will venture out in the intense cold, protecting up to -30 ° C !

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Next, the Winter Workshop presents the Super Thermal and explains

why it is the best option for intense cold, with and without snow. Shall we understand?

Meet the Super Thermal of the Winter Workshop khaadi
Second thermal skin

Super Thermal clothing will maintain your body’s natural heat, preventing loss to the environment, making it very warm. Here, precious information: you start to protect yourself from the inside out and not from the outside in . There’s no use in a sturdy jacket if you’ve already lost all your body heat until you get there. Remember: it is necessary to have the same attention to include quality thermal clothing in the suitcase as we have with coats and cold accessories, for example.

As we said in the introduction to the post, the Super Thermal clothing was specially developed by the Winter Workshop for low temperatures. Do you know that travel destination you are planning, with freezing cold and wind? Know that the Super Thermal is the ideal model!

> See points about the Super Thermal that make it the perfect option for your trip in the cold:

This model is exclusive to the Winter Workshop

Specially developed for the rigorous cold, with or without snow! An indispensable item on your trip, whether in Patagonia, Alaska, London, Paris or any other destination of your choice, Super Thermal will keep you warm to enjoy the trip!
The Super Thermal protects in the cold up to -30 ° C.
The Super Thermal is suitable for all types of cold , from mild to intense, and can retain heat down to -30 ° C. What changes, in each case and in each travel destination, is the choice of the layers used over the thermal.
Super Thermal clothing was developed with a lot of research and testing.
Mammoth Júlia Evangelista, co-founder of the Winter Workshop , tested all of our prototypes in Nebraska to feel what would be most appropriate on the skin. The thermals passed the test and have the Mammoth Seal , an indicator of the comfort, style and quality triad . In addition, over the years, the piece has been tested and approved by customers as a piece to wear for many, many winters!

What are the advantages of Super Thermal clothing?

Discover the differentials of Super Thermal clothing – Photo: Oficina de Inverno

To learn more about Super Thermal clothing, see below the differentials and advantages of the garment in relation to others available on the market:

The Super Térmica was developed especially for intense winters, produced with a double layer of protection. It is made with a fabric that accelerates the sweat evaporation process. This means that your body will not be cooled by sweat and you will remain warm – yes, we also perspire in winter! In this way, there is no moisture in contact with the body and heat loss is minimized.

Together, the weave of our fabric was specially developed to retain the body’s bonanza satrangi natural heat. It is not just the composition that matters, but the way the threads form the weave.

That’s what will keep you warm!

And to ensure hygiene, the fabric developed especially for the Super Thermal clothing and pants set allows continuous use for up to 7 days without washing! And how is this possible? The explanation lies in the composition of the piece, which has silver nanoparticles in its wires. This technology prevents the proliferation of bacteria, which cause odor. We recommend only airing the parts inside out during the night.

This differential is a real “hand on the wheel” for travelers who, by some type, will only take a couple of thermals on the trip. Anyone traveling for a shorter period needs only one set for the entire trip, without taking up space in the suitcase. So you escape another cold: the bureaucracy and expenses of excess baggage.
For periods longer than 7 days, we recommend that you wash your thermal clothing (without using a fabric softener, which minimizes the effectiveness of the fabric) or take more than one set. The fabric is easy to evaporate, which will get it ready for use quickly. It is the union of practicality and hygiene!

The flat stitching of the Super Thermal blouse and pants provides a more discreet finish and offers a number of advantages:

Handles that prevent air from entering

Another important detail is the reinforced cuff of the Super Thermal blouse. This characteristic blocks the entry of wind through the sleeve, which is essential to keep the body warm.

Slim modeling that does not create volume under other clothes
Finally: modeling ! We know that in addition to quality and comfort, you need to dress well. Do you know when someone wears several clothes in the cold and looks like a “snowman” and a tremendous discomfort due to the number of pieces? With Super Thermal you won’t have this problem!

The slim modeling of our thermal clothing was made for you to obtain maximum comfort with the overlays of clothing.

The blouse and pants Super Thermal do not create much volume and you barely notice that they are there. Whether it is under other pants, blouses and dresses (for women who go out at night) or shirts (for men), the style of your clothes is guaranteed with such an efficient and discreet piece underneath.

And it is also thanks to the slim modeling that you will not need to wear a lot of clothes. Just use the thermal and two layers to have complete protection in places of intense cold.

>> Can be used alone in mild cold

And the plus : for having a thermal reinforced material it can be used in light cold alone as an apparent part. Thus, it is possible to use the blouse for women and men and the pants as leggings for women. With no apparent printed labels or names, it is a discreet piece of sober color that will complement your look!

Ready! With the warmest thermal blouse and pants set in Brazil you will enjoy your trip like an Eskimo. In fact, don’t forget that thermals are pieces that last for years – especially for us who live in a tropical country and often only use ours in escape from the heat. Therefore, the investment is to travel protected during several winters!

Bonus: see how to dress in the cold of autumn or winter
The low temperature is not a problem for those who dress well in autumn and winter . And by “well dressed” we mean using the three layers of clothing properly . To ensure that the icy journey does not become a “cold one”, just prepare the suitcase. The Mammoths of the Winter Workshop have already made a guide on how to dress at that time (see here ), summarized in the image below. Check out what to wear in each layer of clothing:

How to dress in layers

Important winter information
Officially, winter in the northern hemisphere begins on December 22. However, the fall in temperatures has been recorded well before, even in late autumn. With that, the cold comes with everything! In the southern hemisphere, on the other hand, winter takes place between June and September. In general, with snow or without snow, the cold during the winter is intense in the main travel destinations of Brazilians, such as New York, London, Paris, Buenos Aires …

For example: in London snow is rare , but rain and strong winds make the thermal sensation fall a lot. With that, we feel like the temperature is even lower than the thermometer shows. Therefore, it is necessary to use thermal clothing for intense cold. In the Swiss Alps, the very low temperatures demand extra protection against all this cold weather and the thermal clothing must go into action! There it is colder than the European average in winter even in the hottest seasons.

Therefore, we recommend that you do a winter research at your destination before your trip. Check the weather forecast, thermal sensation, local news about the weather… In fact, for a detailed search on the weather forecast, we recommend that you access AccuWeather .

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As you can see, the most valuable tip for those who are going to face the freezing temperatures, wherever they are, is NEVER to forget the Super Thermal . It is the second best thermal skin in Brazil!

In Iglu Virtual , our online store, there are all the details of the Super Thermal, indispensable to keep warm! You can make the purchase online, from the comfort of your home, or in one of our Physical Iglus. We have stores in Teresina, Fortaleza and Goiânia. And if you have more questions about the Super Thermal, contact the Mammoths by chat. Don’t forget to share your travel experience with us in thermal clothes!